Routine – fight: how to make everyday moments unforgettable

Why do we remember some events and forget others? How to learn to replenish a piggy bank of pleasant memories and make life more vivid?

Studies show that we better remember events that cause strong emotions and are filled with meaning: for example, a wedding day or the first public performance. Such memories are filled with happiness, pride or trepidation. How to make them as many as possible?

The brothers Chip and Dan Hiz, the authors of the book “The Power of Moments, thought about it. Why do some events surprisingly affect us “. To make events more remarkable, four elements are needed.

Greatness: the ability to rise above everyday life.

Opening: The habit of casting doubt on the idea of yourself and the world.

Pride: the ability to notice the moments when we achieve something important or show courage.

Proximity: ability to strengthen social ties.


the first working day of the new employee. Usually he is bored and crowded with paperwork. But you can provide him with a place for free parking, welcome in the office of the office, introduce his colleagues, invite for lunch, decorate the workplace. The winnings are obvious: this day will be remembered by the employee. Moreover, he will understand that it is important and valuable, since the company cares about it so much.

Remember childhood, school years, institute. Surely at least once one of the teachers noted your strong trait. Most likely, this filled you with pride and motivated you to move forward. For example, I remember how the supervisor praised my dissertation. This gave me strength and confidence.

If we focus on self -knowledge, and not on achievements, getting out of the comfort zone is not so scary

At the same time, it is worth avoiding formal ways of recognition, such as the conference of the title of “employee of the month”. It is better to praise for well -done work spontaneously, but often. Rely on objective indicators: achieving working goals, improving the microclimate in the office.

In memory, not only positive points are stored: studies show that negative episodes we remember longer. Therefore, it is especially important to extract a lesson out of hard experience and discover something new. Consider any failure as an opportunity to better know the strengths and weaknesses. If we focus on self -knowledge, and not on achievements, getting out of the comfort zone is not so scary.

If someone has positively influenced you and your life, write him a letter of gratitude. This will be a bright moment for him, in which all four elements will converge: you will emphasize the greatness of a person, indicate the importance of his kindness and nobility, recognize his talents and strengthen the connection between you.

These tips can be used in any field of life. For example, I revised the attitude to the organization of the holiday in honor of the 25th anniversary of the wedding. Initially, we wanted to have dinner in a restaurant, but in the end staged a viewing of photos on the projector and repeated wedding oaths. This made the holiday more vivid and memorable.