Detox program “Antistress from Psychologies”

Psychologies, together with the Food SPA detox production company, launches a limited line of freshly squeezed anti-stress juices.

Stresses pursue a modern person constantly. They arise not only because of poor ecology, bad habits or problems in personal life. The reason can also be allergies, impaired immune and endocrine systems, inferior nutrition, lack of vitamins and minerals.

The detox program “Antistress from Psychologies” will help to cope with stress and fill the body with all the necessary useful substances. The ingredients that make up the cocktails contribute to the formation of a structural protein of collagen in the body, which is also called a protein of youth. Collagen prevents the loss of moisture with an epithelium, helps burning fat and ensures the strength and elasticity of hair

, nails and bones.

The detox program “Antistress from Psychologies” is made in two versions. Program “Antistress Deutox from PSYCHOLOGies” Includes eight detox cocepting and is designed to deeply cleanse the body. It eliminates accumulated stress and negative emotions, helps to remove toxins and reduce weight.

The day before the detox procedure and the day after leaving it, it is necessary to exclude fried and smoked products from the diet, as well as food of animal origin. The procedure itself involves the use of juices and water during the day instead of food. Calories and trace elements will provide the body with a sufficient amount of energy.